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T2: Integrated Hall-Based Magnetic Sensors for automotive and industrial sensing


11:30 - 13:00

room 3


Asparuh Grigorov

Asparuh Grigorov is currently a senior system architect in Melexis. He majored in Electronics Engineering and graduated from the Technical University in Sofia with a Master’s degree in 2009. He started working at Melexis as in 2006 and since then has served as a mixed signal design engineer, digital signal design engineer and system architect.

Asparuh’s core expertise and interests lie in IC system architectures, signal processing and functional safety. During his time at Melexis he has worked on smart hall-effect based fan-drivers (MLX90287, MLX9297), patented sensor interface principles (ASICs), 3-axis magnetic position sensor SW development (MLX90363).

In the last 6 years, Asparuh has focused his expertise on current sensors, more specifically looking at battery management systems. Asparuh is also very active in presenting Melexis at various engineering networking events and conferences. He loves to share his knowledge and experience.


Hall-based magnetic ICs have shaped automotive and industrial systems delivering precise, safe, and reliable sensing signals to increasingly complex systems. In this tutorial, we will shortly explain the evolution of the current sensing in these fields and delve into the IC design concepts of electrical current sensing by means of Hall-based magnetic sensors. In particular, we will cover the IC design options for the sensing elements, such as Hall-plate resistance selection, bias and spinning as well as discuss their specific integration schemes for proper signal conditioning.





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