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W3:Technology-Circuit-Co-Design for Neural Network Accelerators on Emerging 3D Technologies


14:00 - 17:30

room 3


Jens Trommer (NaMLab gGmbH, GER), Cristell Maneux (University of Bordeaux, FR)


Even after 60 years of CMOS scaling, most active elements in a microchip are still placed in a planar arrangement, leading to limitations in terms of functional density and interconnectivity. In our EU H2020 initiative FVLLMONTI we aim to break with this convention by moving to a true 3D technology enabled by emerging nanoelectronics devices. The objective of this workshop is to give a deep dive into the vertical nanowire technologies employed (session 1) and illustrate how design-technology-co-optimization (DTCO) methodologies are needed to design disruptive neural network accelerators (session 2) aiming at a baseline technology for applications, such as a lightweight in-ear solution for speech-to-speech translation.


Process Integration of 3D Vertical Junctionless Transistors

Guilhem Larrieu (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, FR) 

Reliability analysis of 3D vertical nanowire transistors 

Yifan Wang (University of Bordeaux, FR)

Integration of Ferroelectrics into 3D Nanowire Devices 

Konstantinos Moustakas (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, FR)

Material and Device Development for Ferroelectric Nanowire Transistors with TCAD 

Mischa Thesberg (Global TCAD Solutions GmbH, Vienna, AU) 

Test structure design optimization for emerging technologies 

Marina Deng (University of Bordeaux, FR)

Characterization, parameter extraction, and compact modeling of emerging technologies 

Chhandak Mukherjee (University of Bordeaux, FR)

Design-Technology-Co-Optimization Flow using the GTS Framework 

Zlatan Stanojevic (Global TCAD Solutions GmbH, Vienna, AU) 

Reconfigurable and Ferroelectric Transistors – From SOI Devices to 3D-Gates

Jens Trommer (Namlab gGmbH, Dresden, DE)

Circuit Stepping Stones: Library generation for 3D logic and NV-logic 

Ian O’Connor (Institut des nano-technologies de Lyon, FR)

N2C2 - a neural network compute cube accelerator for transformer applications 

Alberto Bosio (Institut des nano-technologies de Lyon, FR)

The FVLLMONTI Vision – A lightweight in-ear device for direct speech-to-speech translation enabled by neural Network Transformers in 3D 

Cristell Maneux (University of Bordeaux, FR) 

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