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W5MOS-AK: Compact Modeling Support for OpenPDK and FOSS IC Designs


09:30 - 13:00

room 7-8


Wladek Grabinski (MOS-AK, EU)  


MOS-AK workshop discusses the frontiers of the compact models which are the core of reliable PDKs for the advanced semiconductor technologies. However, the semiconductor industry facing the workforce challenges, particularly in retaining skilled technicians and engineers. To meet the global demand, the FOSS CAD/EDA tools with the recently available open access PDKs provide a new platform to connect IC design beginners, enthusiasts and experienced mentors to benefit from the fast-growing open-source IC design movement. The content will be beneficial for anyone who needs to learn what is really behind the FOSS CAD/EDA IC simulation in modern compact models in OpenPDKs with the open source analog/RF and digital IC examples.  


The IHP OpenPDK Initiative 

Rene Scholz (IHP, DE) 

Overview and latest updates of PSP and L-UTSOI standard model 

Sebastien Martinie (CEA-Leti, FR) 

A review of charge-based MOS Transistor modeling - an engineering and educational tool 

Matthias Bucher (TU Crete, GR) ​

QUCS-S - a central tool in the openPDK IC design flow 

Mike Brinson (LondonMET, UK)

openEMS as a versatile tool in the framework of mm-wave openPDK-based RF chip design 

Jan Taro Svejda (Uni. Duisburg-Essen, DE) 

Value and Opportunities in Open-Source for Circuit Design 

Christoph Sandner (Infineon, AT) 

Designing Analog/RF Chips Using Open PDKs and Open-Source Tools 

Harald Pretl, (JKU, AT) 

​Are open source digital design flows ready for mainstream? 

Frank K. Gurkaynak (ETHZ, CH) 

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