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Since the last decade there has been a worldwide trend towards education, academic research and industrial development while strengthening the link between device technology and circuit design.
The ESSDERC-ESSCIRC Steering Committee decided to reorganize the ESSDERC and ESSCIRC conferences into a single conference format under a new name. The last ESSDERC-ESSCIRC conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal (September 11-14, 2023). 
The new “European Solid-State Electronics Research Conference - ESSERC” will take place in Bruges, September 9-12, 2024.
The historical link with both ESSDERC and ESSCIRC remains and it is reflected in the new logo and the fact that the conference in Bruges will be referenced as the 50th ESSERC Conference.  
ESSERC will have a single Technical Program Committee, a coordinating Steering Committee, a Conference Chair and Co-Chair and three Track Chairs, i.e., one for Circuits, one for Technologies and one for a Joint Track.



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